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Tesco Drive + Reward


Have you ever had an argument over who is a better driver? Well now it's time to settle the debate. Available to drivers aged 21 and over, the Tesco Drive and Reward app lets you prove what kind of driver you are, and rewards new customers with up to 20%* off car insurance through Tesco Bank. The great news is 3 out of 4 customers who use the app and buy a policy will receive a discount. At least 10% of over 25s will get the 20% discount.
What’s more, you can earn rewards from Tesco along the way simply by unlocking badges within the app.
Simply share your journeys with us for 250 miles to get a driving score. The app will measure your cornering, braking, speeding and acceleration to give us a full picture of how you drive. We’ll give a red, amber or green rating for each of your journeys, plus some helpful hints to help you improve your driving and earn rewards. Remember, safe driving can earn you a discount.
Using in-built auto start, we can pick up when we think you’re driving, so that you don’t need to remember to press record. To help increase the accuracy of your recording we have a couple of tips for you: try opening the app before you start your journey and place your phone in a cradle on your dashboard. If you prefer to, you can use the start/stop button and manually record them. If we pick up a journey and you weren’t driving, it’s easy to fix - just change what type of journey it was and we’ll remove it.
New Features:• Unlock badges: Unlock new badges by using the app and recording your driving. • Earn rewards: Earn a new reward with every four badges you unlock.• Renewal alerts: Get a reminder when it’s time to renew your car insurance• Personalise your dashboard: Take a picture of your car and save it as your dashboard background.• Share on social media: Share your badges with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
Depending on your network plan and provider, use of this app may incur data charges and you are responsible for those charges. If you do not want to use your network data you can switch to ‘Wi-Fi only’ in the app’s settings.
As with any smartphone app, it will use your battery power. Like other telematics and black box insurance gadgets, our app will use your GPS location and other data from the device to detect when a journey has begun and to record throughout. The use of battery power varies by device age and type, so you may find it useful to use an in car charger on longer trips.
*Of course, as always, terms and conditions will apply.
The car insurance discount is only available on new policies underwritten by Tesco Underwriting and your quote must meet a minimum premium. The discount is valid for 12 months from the day you get your final driving score and will be applied to standard car insurance and not any add-ons or Box Insurance. If Tesco Underwriting don’t provide the cheapest price with your discount included, don’t worry, we’ll make sure we give you the cheapest price from our panel of insurers. The number of customers expected to receive a discount is based on current customers who have arranged their car insurance through Tesco Bank and the results of internal user testing.
Tesco Bank Car Insurance is arranged and administered by Tesco Bank and is underwritten by a select range of insurers.